To prepare a child of…

To prepare a child of his for usefulness, the Lord allows deep #suffering and difficult circumstances. God proves his people and works toward their #growth, so that they may glorify him in the world.

Not all peaches and cream

The faith is not all peaches and cream. The Cross of Christ keeps us from sanitizing sin. Holiness is a high demand. Suffering is at the heart of the Way.

Jesus does not keep us from suffering—he calls us to share in it. Only in heaven will all pain and death and tears be banished. Now is the time of joy in the midst of trial and joy for the privilege of suffering with our Lord.


The question is not why God allows us…

The question is not why God allows us to suffer. The question we ought to be asking is why God allows us to live. The answer to that question is easy: He wants us to repent and seek him.

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Patient endurance during times of trial is…

“Patient endurance during times of trial is not simply a means of achieving divine favor; it has become the very definition of how a Christian relates to God.” —T.B. Williams, Biblica

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“The depths of injuries for me exposed what’s…

“The depths of injuries, for me, exposed what’s in my heart.” —Olympic runner Abbey D’Agostino

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Prayers should be specific to diminish the necessary…

Prayers should be specific, to diminish the necessary suffering in life. “Pray that it may not be in winter” Mk 13.18.

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