If we do not receive…

If we do not receive the peace that God gives, we cannot be holy to him and before him. Holiness is complete satisfaction in God. Without his peace, we cannot be satisfied and thus begin the futile search to replace him. “I pray that God, who gives peace, will make you completely holy” 1Thes 5.23 CEB.

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Holiness is not a big…

Holiness is not a big topic in many congregations. But, like the love of God, it is everywhere on the pages of Scripture and out to figure prominently in teaching and practice.


He will break

The Lord God wants to wring out of his people the last vestiges of worldliness and selfishness, the remains of carnality and foolishness. He wants to produce in them all good holiness and pure goodness. He will break and mold and re-form according to his will. The more pliable soul will conform more easily. But the work of godliness will tax even the most submissive among the people of God. For the Lord, no effort on his part is too great to prepare his people for eternity. He will do what he must, and we will endure his loving touch.

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The compassion of Christ is…

The compassion of Christ is tempered by his sacrifice for sin. No one loves the sinner more and despises the destructive power of sin more than the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Prepare the door of our hearts O Lord…

Prepare the door of our hearts, O Lord, that welcoming your Holy Spirit, we may delight at your entering in and rejoice in the holiness which your presence brings. Amen. —Ephrem of Syria (c. 306-373)

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