The day is what you…

The day is what you make it. The mind is where it’s made. The goodness of God is what allows the mind to construct the frame that makes the day.

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“Jehovah’s standards are high, but…

“Jehovah’s standards are high, but they are ever far more reasonable than men’s.”
—G.C. Morgan, Exposition of the Whole Bible, 230 (on Psa 26).
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When someone says, “It is…

When someone says, “It is what it is,” I always want to reply, “But remember ‘I Am Who I Am.'”
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Weak points

They say the Tempter goes straight for your weak points, and so he does. So does God.

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Many people who don’t want…

Many people who don’t want to have to answer to God have a simple solution: deny that sin is a problem; blame God for man’s atrocities; proclaim one’s own justice and goodness. In this way, God is not the solution—he, in their minds, becomes the problem to be removed.

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What we will do in…

What we will do in heaven has to be one of the most nonsensical questions ever asked. It doesn’t matter what we will do. It matters who we will be with. And that question has been answered—the Lord God, creator and sustainer and savior and lover of us all.

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God is present in the…

God is present in the ebb and flow of #faith. He is not quick to abandon the righteous. He corrals us with his love and channels our steps toward #perfection. He works for our holiness. #God is patient in this process.