“I could not really love…

“I could not really love the Church in a rightly ordered way until I learned to love Christ above all.” —Rod Dreher

Of Faith & Futile Horses

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“Without a doubt, the great…

“Without a doubt, the great test of any doctrine or of any plan of action is to know if the proposed idea has Christ as he is revealed in the New Testament.”
—João Pennisi and Bryan Jay Bost, Espístola de Paulo aos Colossenses, 50

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Acts is the story of…

Acts is the story of convincing people that Jesus is the #Christ, the promised one of God. Just in chap. 18, Paul attempted to persuade Jews and Greeks, v. 4. He testified that Jesus was the Christ, v. 5. Opponents understood the gospel was #persuasion, v. 13. Apollos demonstrated from the scriptures that the Christ was Jesus, v. 28. All of #Acts shows this emphasis.