Humility is being content with…

Humility is being content with the gifts and service that God has given you. It prevents envy, which is wanting those gifts and service God has given to others.

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“My soft plumage is weak…

“My soft plumage is weak without your help:
Grant me the wings of faith that I may fly upwards to you:
For I confess faith in you, through you and from you.”

—Alcuin, cited by D. Dales, A Mind Intent on God, 4.

When temptation appears, ask yourself…

When temptation appears, ask yourself what text of Scripture will help you to repel it. If you have been reading and studying the Bible, God will give you escape from the temptation.

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If the kindness of God…

If the kindness of God leads to repentance, Romans 2.4, might it be the case that treating others with kindness and speaking to others with kindness will promote repentance as well?

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“I could not really love…

“I could not really love the Church in a rightly ordered way until I learned to love Christ above all.” —Rod Dreher

Of Faith & Futile Horses

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So many people who tell…

So many people who tell others to get a relationship with God instead of getting religion, themselves belong to a religion. They wear a sectarian name. They follow a creed and human leaders. So what’s with that? Why the hypocrisy?

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Why talk to yourself? You…

Why talk to yourself? You can talk to God anytime, all the time.