Holiness is not a big…

Holiness is not a big topic in many congregations. But, like the love of God, it is everywhere on the pages of Scripture and out to figure prominently in teaching and practice.


Weak points

They say the Tempter goes straight for your weak points, and so he does. So does God.

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Not all peaches and cream

The faith is not all peaches and cream. The Cross of Christ keeps us from sanitizing sin. Holiness is a high demand. Suffering is at the heart of the Way.

Jesus does not keep us from suffering—he calls us to share in it. Only in heaven will all pain and death and tears be banished. Now is the time of joy in the midst of trial and joy for the privilege of suffering with our Lord.


He will break

The Lord God wants to wring out of his people the last vestiges of worldliness and selfishness, the remains of carnality and foolishness. He wants to produce in them all good holiness and pure goodness. He will break and mold and re-form according to his will. The more pliable soul will conform more easily. But the work of godliness will tax even the most submissive among the people of God. For the Lord, no effort on his part is too great to prepare his people for eternity. He will do what he must, and we will endure his loving touch.

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After confession of sin, after…

After confession of sin, after transformation of life, after the new birth in Christ, expel from your mind the memory of sin, of fear, of desire for worldly things. As soon as an old and negative memory appears, tell it to flee, as if it were Satan himself, and affirm to it that you have been changed forever so that there is no more room in your life, in your mind, in your heart for such things of the old self.

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The Lord has always required…

The Lord has always required full #obedience of his people. “The Lord will deliver them over to you, and you must do to them exactly as I have commanded you” Deuteronomy 31.5 CSB.

If you spend your life…

If you spend your life fighting for yourself and your supposed rights, you’ll discover in the end that you have surrendered what is most #essential, the service of God and neighbor.