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  • J. Randal 16:05 on 2017-02-16 Permalink | Reply
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    Man ignores the plain truth of Scripture, when it does not agree with his theology: “Whereas we have a hand in the process of sanctification and can affect it by our obedience or disobedience, God alone justifies us” (Tho. Constable). God says (in Romans!) that obedience results in righteousness, Rom 6.16 NASB.

  • J. Randal 12:22 on 2017-02-06 Permalink | Reply
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    Habitual tardiness is a problem of self-discipline and a sign of disrespect for others. It causes innumerable lost opportunities.

  • J. Randal 09:10 on 2017-02-04 Permalink | Reply
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    To live for the Lord is to live to glorify him. To glorify him means, in great part, to teach the gospel to the lost. Those who don’t teach aren’t glorifying God.

  • J. Randal 00:28 on 2017-02-04 Permalink | Reply

    Loss means change means pain means discipline of the Lord toward holiness.

  • J. Randal 00:01 on 2017-02-03 Permalink | Reply

    Christians do good to others, as a reflection of who they are, but their mission is not to improve man’s physical or material condition. It seems to be a tendency of ministries that move away from the true gospel to devote themselves heavily to physical and material needs.

  • J. Randal 14:11 on 2017-01-31 Permalink | Reply
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    If you think there’s no slippery slope, just look at the recent history of the Boy Scouts. Once you throw out anything that God says, once you decide God’s word doesn’t apply, there is no limit to the injustice and immorality that might be approved. The same applies to worship of the body of Christ, to the work of the church, to life in Christ, which quickly becomes life outside of Christ, the work of man, and the worship of human innovation.

  • J. Randal 10:45 on 2017-01-30 Permalink | Reply

    We talk about it and teach on it. So did Jesus. And he also taught how to do it. He also had published a model prayer and many other prayers by his people in Scripture. So why aren’t we publishing many of our prayers? They serve many functions, not the least of which is to serve as motivation and example, and an invitation to others to join in with many amens.

  • J. Randal 00:28 on 2017-01-30 Permalink | Reply
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    Teaching Scripture is a blessed activity. It was in Jehoshaphat’s day, and still is in ours. “In the third year of his reign he sent his officials Ben Hail, Obadiah, Zechariah, Nethanel, and Micaiah to teach in the cities of Judah” 2 Chr 17.7 NET.

  • J. Randal 19:55 on 2017-01-28 Permalink | Reply
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    Any name attached to “Christian” diminishes the Lordship of Christ. If the name does not stand alone, it cannot stand at all.

  • J. Randal 00:47 on 2017-01-22 Permalink | Reply
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    Sectarians take pride in their sects, ask God to bless their sectarian efforts, and feel superior wearing their sectarian names. We will glory in the Cross of Christ, ask for God’s kingdom to flourish, and feel privileged to wear the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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